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Financial Advisor | Wilmington NC

Inspire is an independent wealth management firm offering financial services to Wilmington, NC. Speak with a financial advisor today to learn more about our  full suite of financial planning and wealth management services (investment, retirement, tax, business, and estate planning).

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We are located near Mayfaire Town Center,  just five minutes from Wrightsville Beach.

Wealth Management | Wilmington

Your family’s financial needs are constantly evolving. Markets change, the economy ebbs and flows, and even your personal landscape is constantly changing. Speak with a financial advisor today to get started on your financial plan. Let us help you in the following areas:

  • Delegate your wealth management to a team of seasoned fiduciary financial advisors
  • Create structure and balance to your investment portfolio that align with your risk tolerance and values
  • Delegate advanced tax planning duties to professional CPAs who are well-versed in wealth management
  • Optimize your retirement plan with an income strategy that provides income 
  • Incorporate your real estate portfolio into your retirement and legacy plan
  • Create a business plan that will help transfer your business to the next generation
  • Strategize with you on philanthropic pursuits and fund them in a way that benefits your taxes
  • Build an estate planning strategy that considers taxes, loved ones, and a smooth transition to your heirs
  • Assist with complex employee benefit plans and stock options

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Inspire was awarded Best Financial Advisors in Wilmington by The award is based on Inspire's availability, qualifications, reputation, experience and professionalism.

Inspire Financial Planning was first awarded Best Financial in Wilmington in March 2022. bases its ratings on the following criteria (this list is meant to summarize the relevant factors but is not meant to be all-inclusive): availability, qualifications, reputation, experience, and professionalism. receives compensation from Inspire Financial Planning in order to obtain and advertise ratings.

The Family Office Wealth Management Approach

Let our family office approach to fiduciary wealth management make your life easier. We can introduce you to estate planning attorneys, business consultants, accountants, and bill payment services. While these services may not relate specifically to your investment portfolio, they constitute part of the bigger picture for your family’s wealth management (and peace of mind). See below for some of our high net worth and ultra high net worth family office services.

·        Income tax planning service

·        Business planning service to include succession planning

·        Real estate planning service

·        Philanthropic planning service

·        Bill payment service

·        Banking services in conjunction with your savings or distributions

·        Personal expense and cash flow management

·        Insurance planning services

Fiduciary investment advisory services in Wilmington, Leland, Southport,and Wrightsville Beach

 We offer fiduciary wealth management on behalf of individuals and families in Wilmington, Leland, Southport,and Wrightsville Beach. The primary goal of our investment advisory  service is to achieve the best possible return on investment while managing risks in accordance with the investor's objectives and risk tolerance.

Not all financial advisors assume fiduciary duties or the standards of care and loyalty that accompany being a fiduciary firm. In the field of wealth management , a person or business that assumes a fiduciary duty is obligated to put their clients, interests first at all times . This is a differentiating feature of Inspire.

 As an independent, boutique wealth management firm , we feel we can serve you best by placing your interests above our own.

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"Jeff is a financial advisor who practices what he preaches. His knowledge and advice indicate to me that he does his research and is current with the activities going on in the financial world. His newsletters keep us up to date with the ups and downs in the market and what paths we should consider following with our money. He really knows what he is talking about and looks out for what is best for our investments. I feel very at ease when we discuss our financial options and goals, it takes a huge burden off my shoulders. He does an outstanding handling of our financial affairs."     -Chris R.  (Chis R. is a  client of Inspire Financial Planning and is not being compensated for sharing his  opinion and experience with our firm. Any compensation creates a conflict of interest. His comments may not be representative of any other person's experience with the firm.)

Retirement planning

Our retirement planning services focus on creating a strategy to ensure a financially secure retirement by setting goals, estimating future expenses, and implementing strategies to accumulate and manage the necessary funds.

Income tax planning

We can help you minimize your tax liability. This may include reviewing your tax situation, identifying tax-efficient investments, and planning for future tax events. Our Income tax planning services involve strategies and actions taken to minimize your income tax liability by utilizing available deductions, exemptions, credits, and other tax-saving provisions. We have experience with sophisticated stock options, private equity, etc. 

Business succession

There are over 30 million business owners in the U.S., and 75% of them do not have an exit strategy. We can help you build an exit strategy so that you can segue into a peaceful retirement. If you'd like to speak with an advisor about your business succession, click here.

Real estate planning

Inspire’s Real estate planning involves strategic decision-making and coordination of real estate assets to achieve various goals, including wealth preservation, tax efficiency, and estate planning. Two key concepts in our real estate planning are Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) and 1031 exchanges. 

We can help our clients navigate the complexities of DST investments and incorporate them into their overall financial and estate planning strategies. Our role is to assist clients in understanding the benefits, risks, and potential tax implications of DSTs, and to develop a personalized plan that aligns with their investment objectives and financial goals.

Key Features of our DST & 1031 Exchange Services

-Client Education and Analysis
-Replacement Property Identification
-Due Diligence
-Tax Considerations
-Transaction Coordination
-Compliance with IRS Regulations
-Integration with Your Financial Plan

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Independence, not incentives

Our work is conducted independently without quotas or sales incentives to dilute the value of our advice.  This level of independence enables us to suggest financial products, investments, or strategies that are most suitable for our clients' specific circumstances and goals. We are committed to serving our clients without being swayed by sales commissions, incentives, or any other monetary advantages.


We believe our clients deserve transparency and openess regarding our fees.  Our commitment to transparency means that we always provide upfront disclosure and thorough discussions about our fee structure. This allows us to clearly outline the services included and the associated costs. All prospective clients receive written proposals.

Fiduciary Advice

 Our goal is to provide our clients with unbiased and tailored advice that is not influenced by incentives for product sales.

Fee Structure

We receive our compensation directly from our clients in the form of fees. The fee structure can vary based on the complexity of services offered, encompassing a percentage of assets under management (AUM), a fixed fee, or a blend of both. Call today for a free quote!


Our compensation structure fosters impartiality in financial advice and asset wealth management. We strive to provide highly objective, unbiased recommendations that align with our client's best interests. 

Reduced Conflicts of Interest

As a fiduciary wealth management company, we work hard to reduce conflicts of interest. All interested parties (which may include you, your spouse, attorney, CPA, etc) will recieve full disclosures regarding Inspire at time of proposal and anytime thereafter upon request.