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Passive & Active Investment Philosophy


Our asset management service provides you an array of investment choices. We utilize Vanguard®, as well as many other institutional money managers when exploring your options.

We believe in passive management strategies that utilize low cost exchange traded funds. Based on our research, 94% of actively managed U.S. equity funds under-perform their style benchmarks*.

Considering the average active fund expense ratio is 0.58%, and the average index fund is 0.09%, we believe that passively allocated ETF portfolios can deliver strong investment performance over the long term*.                                                                                         

*INDEXING: Truths, Myths, and Benefits. Vanguard, 2019.

Tax-Managed: An Active Approach

For investors in higher tax brackets, taxes can significantly impact a portfolio's long-term growth. We offer several tax-managed solutions. Through a unique, actively managed approach, our tax-managed portfolios attempt to minimize your tax bill while maximizing your ROI.  Inspire offers tax-managed investments with a 40% to 100% equity base. We then balance any remainder with a high-quality municipal bond investment. This approach can reduce tax drag on your portfolio. Gains on tax-managed investments are primarily from capital gains tax of 0% to 20% in 2023, depending on your tax status.

Year-Round Tax-Loss Harvesting

Our process provides year-round tax-loss harvesting. We incorporate daily tax-management into your portfolio to neutralize tax exposure by minimizing capital gains and maximizing after tax returns. 

4-Front for Accredited Investors

If you are an investor interested in an equity driven momentum based approach, we offer Inspire's 4Front portfolio. This approach to investing is a more aggressive approach to wealth management and is best suited for accredited investors. This is another version of active management that seeks to outperform the S&P 500 over the long term.

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Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

For investors who desire a more socially conscious investment approach,  we may have an inspiring solution for you.  We typically blend the ESG or SRI funds with the 4-Front portfolio. Inspire's ESG and SRI funds are best suited for the accredited investor.

If you would like to learn more about our SRI investment opportunities, click the link below.

More About Socially Responsible Investing