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Private Wealth Management Process

We believe that true wealth management encompasses many facets of your life.

Your Initial Wealth Plan will take place over the course of three to four sessions with your team of advisors.  This gives you extra time to make excellent decisions.

Inspire Wealth Management Planning Areas

  • Investment planning
  • Income tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Real estate planning  (including DSTs, 1031 exchanges)
  • Business planning (may include sucession planning)
  • Cash flow planning
  • Insurance planning and risk management
  • Employee Benefits planning
  • Estate planning (including donor-advised services)

Initial Private Wealth Plan

-Your plan will be unique because you are unique. 

1. Discovery Meeting

Begin discovery and data collection. What are your goals, hopes, and dreams? How do you feel you are doing financially? How do you plan to pass on your wealth to your heirs? What are your philanthropic interests? What do you think you need to do to get where you want to go?

Telephone and email correspondence in between meetings one and two.

2. Analysis Meeting

Complete discovery and data collection. In this meeting we analyze and develop a wide scope of possibilities for strengthening your financial plan. We determine net worth, liabilities, retirement trajectory, investment path, strengths and weaknesses in life, health, disability, long term care, and umbrella protection. We may also evaluate your LLC, S or C Corp, Partnership, estate plan, trust(s), and federal income tax strategy.

Telephone and email correspondence in between meetings two and three.

3. Advice Meeting

In this meeting we determine specific actionable steps that should be taken, and begin to make specific recommendations in the areas of: investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, charitable and philanthropic planning, employee benefit planning, risk management, college planning, fundamental stewardship, liquidity strength, and general financial management to include cash flow planning.

Telephone and email correspondence in between meetings three and four.

4. Action Meeting

If we are selected to manage your assets, this is the meeting where we will formalize any investment agreements, open new accounts, transfer funds, reallocate employee sponsored plans, etc. We will take action by implementing improvements in areas such as long term care, life, or disability insurance protection if you have a need in this area. We will begin to work alongside your CPA and attorney with your tax and legal planning if required. Inspire has relationships with CPAs and estate planning attorneys if you are in need of a referral.

Twelve months of white glove client support per year.  We feel that timely, reliable, and consistent service is paramount to the optimal client / advisor relationship. 

Telephone and email correspondence for one year to keep you on track to reach your goals

5. Annual Review Meeting One

Annual reviews typically require two meetings per year for Private Wealth Management clients. The first meeting in the annual review process is a Discovery and Analysis meeting similar to the first year. We then add investment performance metrics and economic outlook to the process.

Telephone and email correspondence in between annual review meetings one and two.

6. Annual Review Meeting Two

The second meeting in the annual review process is an Advice and Action meeting similar to the first year. Risk management, estate planning, and income tax planning may be examined in more detail.

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