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 Fiduciary Wealth Management in Raleigh NC

Are you looking for wealth management in Raleigh?

Inspire Financial Planning is a fiduciary wealth management firm serving Raleigh, NC. As fiduciary financial advisors, we are committed to keep your BEST interests first. 

Our financial advisors work with business owners, engineers, software developers, and business executives. We want to make the complex simple for our clients, and guide them to become empowered and confident about their financial journey.

Our clients trust us to view their management of their wealth through a holistic lens. They are looking for someone who has people on the team that can help with investments, income taxes, retirement planning, real estate, business succession, and estate planning. They are searching for private wealth management with a team of professionals who can simplify their lives. Inspire was awarded best financial advisors in Raleigh, NC by  

Awarded Best Financial Advisors in Raleigh, NC

Top Financial Advisor in Raleigh

Inspire Financial Planning, LLC is rated by as one of the Best Financial in Raleigh, NC, since April 2023. bases its ratings on the following criteria (this list is meant to summarize the relevant factors but is not meant to be all-inclusive): availability, qualifications, reputation, experience, and professionalism. receives compensation from Inspire Financial Planning, LLC in order to obtain and advertise ratings."

Fee-Only Financial Planning Service


We offer fee-only financial planning to our Raleigh clients.

Free consultation & portfolio review

Free consultation & portfolio review

Schedule a free consulation at our Raleigh office on 555 Fayetteville Street. We are located in the Charter Square Building at the corner of E. Lenoir and Fayetteville Street, just across from Raleigh Marriot City Center.


We are a short drive from Sunset Hills, Five Points, Cary and Apex.


"I absolutely LOVE working with Jeff Headrick at Inspire. I needed someone to help me organize my finances, my goals, my plans for the future and found Inspire online. I contacted Jeff, did an initial consultation with him and knew I had found the right person for me. He is the most caring, knowledgeable, detailed and thorough financial planner I have ever worked with. He truly uses a holistic approach to planning for the future. I can call anytime for even the smallest question, and he is always there for me. I feel so confident in knowing that my financial future is being managed by someone so truthful, so caring, and so determined to do the best thing for me. I would recommend him to ANYONE wishing to get financial advice and planning. Jeff is the BEST !!!"     -Melanie C.

"Jeff is a financial advisor who practices what he preaches. His knowledge and advice indicates to me that he does his research and is current with the activities going on in the financial world. His newsletters keep us up to date with the ups and downs in the market and what paths we should consider following with our money. He really knows what he is talking about and looks out for what is best for our investments. I feel very at ease when we discuss our financial options and goals, it takes a huge burden off my shoulders. He does an outstanding handling our financial affairs."     -Chris R.

"After the unexpected passing of my wife the cliché you're never promised tomorrow really hit home. I wanted to make sure I was going to be finically ok and have peace of mind that my children will also be taken care of in the future. After meeting with several advisors I met with Jeff. I instantly felt very comfortable speaking with Jeff. He truly wants to get to know his clients and their goals. Jeff spent several hours on multiple occasions with me before I even decided to hire him. I appreciate the fact the he is spiritual and is becoming to just a financial advisor but a friend as well. I am looking forward to a long successful relationship. "    -Frank C.

"After my husband passed I need help to determine the best way to invest. Jeff did the research, presented me with options and helped me to find what worked for my future. I find inspire to be very upfront, honest and easy to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for financial planning. "     -Joan A.

Melanie C., Chris R., Frank C., and Joan A. are clients of Inspire Financial Planning and are not being compensated for sharing their opinion and experience with our firm. Any compensation creates a conflict of interest. Their comments may not be representative of any other person's experience with the firm.

How can we help you?

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Investment advisory services

We offer professional management of assets and investments on behalf of individuals and families. The primary goal of our investment management service is to achieve the best possible return on investment while managing risks in accordance with the investor's objectives and risk tolerance.

Retirement planning

Our retirement planning services focus on creating a strategy to ensure a financially secure retirement by setting goals, estimating future expenses, and implementing strategies to accumulate and manage the necessary funds.

Income tax planning

We can help you minimize your tax liability. This may include reviewing your tax situation, identifying tax-efficient investments, and planning for future tax events. Our Income tax planning services involve strategies and actions taken to minimize your income tax liability by utilizing available deductions, exemptions, credits, and other tax-saving provisions.

Business succession

There are over 30 million business owners in the U.S., and 75% of them do not have an exit strategy. We can help you build an exit strategy so that you can segue into a peaceful retirement. If you'd like to speak with an advisor about your business succession, click here.

Real estate planning

 Inspire’s Real estate planning involves strategic decision-making and coordination of real estate assets to achieve various goals, including wealth preservation, tax efficiency, and estate planning. Two key concepts in our real estate planning are Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) and 1031 exchanges. 

We can help our clients navigate the complexities of DST investments and incorporate them into their overall financial and estate planning strategies. Our role is to assist clients in understanding the benefits, risks, and potential tax implications of DSTs, and to develop a personalized plan that aligns with their investment objectives and financial goals.

Key Features of our DST & 1031 Exchange Services

  • Client Education and Analysis
  • Replacement Property Identification
  • Due Diligence
  • Tax Considerations
  • Transaction Coordination
  • Compliance with IRS Regulations
  • Integration with Your Financial Plan

The benefit of our Ultra-High-Net-Worth Wealth Management Services

  • Save costs and complications by using Inspire's Family Office style of wealth management
  • Bring structure and balance to your asset management that aligns with your risk tolerance and values
  • Delegate advanced tax planning duties to professional CPAs who are well-versed in wealth management
  • Optimize your retirement plan with an income strategy that provides income and leaves a legacy
  • Incorporate your real estate portfolio into your retirement and legacy plan 
  • Create a business plan that will help transfer your business to the next generation
  • Strategize with Inspire advisors on philanthropic pursuits and fund them in a way that benefits your taxes
  • Build an estate planning strategy that considers taxes, loved ones, and a smooth transition to your heirs
  • Gain clarity with complex employee benefit plans and stock option disbursement
  • We can partner with you in ALL things financial

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Let's get started

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