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2021 Letter to Clients

2021 Letter to Clients

January 29, 2021

January 29, 2021.

Dear Valued Client,

2020 is behind us. Enclosed you will find your performance reports for the last year. How did you do?

Chances are you did very well this past year. This letter is going out to all of our clients, and I can’t think of one that will be dissatisfied with their personal 2020 investment performance.

Sometimes, the most challenging part of investing is staying invested.

4Front-- New Investment UMA Fund Pre-Launch
In 2021 we will be launching one of our most aggressive portfolios to date ($100,000.00 minimum). While it contains a great deal of risk, it also may deliver a great deal of reward. There are no guarantees.

But at Inspire Financial Planning we believe in a

"buy low and hold forever” philosophy. We believe that “time in, not timing,” is the grand key to success.

Prayer for a Better Year

I know that you’ll join us this year as we pray for our nation, our leaders, and ourselves, so that we can all become closer to God –and closer to one another—which is more in alignment with His goodness.

Even in the darkness, our God is the God who can make water spring forth from deserts.

Thank you valued client for staying the course in such a difficult year. Thank you for your trust in Inspire Financial Planning.



Jeff Headrick

Private Wealth Manager