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Asset Management Fees

Inspire Financial Planning Rationale on Fees

Do you understand the services offered under your current fee arrangement? We want you to fully understand the services you are paying for, and what you will receive. The services we offer, and the pricing for each, allow you to make informed decisions for the services you feel are appropriate for you. This is why we offer financial planning and asset management services independently, and both may be bundled as part of your financial relationship with Inspire.

We Choose to be Different

We believe that if you exclusively pay an asset management (AUM) fee for your financial services, that the value of each individual financial planning service (income tax planning, business planning, employee benefits planning, cash flow management planning, insurance planning, estate planning, retirement planning, investment planning) may become diminished, or even lost.

This is why we charge a financial planning fee for your initial financial plan, and a separate asset management fee for those who would like us to manage their portfolio(s).

More Transparency, More Opportunity

In addition to being more transparent, we feel this separation gives the financial planner the freedom to focus on specific areas of your financial situation that may otherwise not be addressed. Through this comprehensive style of financial planning, you also minimize the possibility that a critical aspect of your plan could be overlooked. 

Areas That Can Be Overlooked with a Traditional Fee Schedule

Below are a few areas that may not be examined as thoroughly when comprehensive financial planning service fees are not independent from AUM service fees:

  • Income tax planning to maximize tax savings
  • Business planning to include sale of business
  • Real estate planning utilizing DST/1031 strategies
  • Coordination of your social security, pension, IRA, and miscellaneous income streams
  • Coordination of your 401k, pension, IRA, and other held-away investments regarding allocations, fees, performance, risk, and tax-efficiency
  • Survivor income planning, taxation, and life expectancy scenarios
  • Asset distribution to heirs
  • Lack of estate planning could result in higher state and federal taxes at death
  • Absence of cash flow management  that could result in lost savings opportunities
  • Long-Term Care planning for you, your spouse, or parent may not be discussed as needed

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