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Private Wealth Services

About 20 years ago, I asked a prospective client if he was getting great service from his financial advisor. His response was:

“Well, when I think about it, whenever I call, he never seems to have time for me.”

Jeff Headrick

Private Wealth Advisor

White Glove Service

At a minimum, if you become a client of Inspire, you will receive the best customer service you have ever had. If for some reason you do not, you should fire us as soon as possible and look for a better relationship.

Trust and estate planning

An integral component of a holistic financial plan is making sure that your estate plan is in order. Are all of your accounts properly titled? Are your estate documents up to date with current tax laws?

Examining your estate plan is one of the core components of our white glove service. We will be happy to meet with your attorney to make sure that your estate plan is up-to-date. 

Retirement planning

Are you a apprehensive about retirement? Is the mere thought of it keeping you up at night? Not to worry, we specialize in helping our clients get a good night’s rest.

Retirement looks different for everyone. Whether your focus is travel, philanthropy, or supporting your family members, Inspire’s private wealth team will help you navigate the complexities. We will help untangle and simplify when to retire, how much income you’ll need, and much more.

Charitable giving

Do you need help setting up a donor-advised fund? Need someone to walk you through qualified charitable distributions (QCDs)? Today's high net worth and ultra-high net worth investor have more tools than ever to aid their charitable giving.

Inspires private wealth team will help you create a charitable giving plan that’s customized to your personal specifications.


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