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Level Four

You have some of the the characteristics of a Level Three, but to a more complex degree.

You have multiple investment portfolios such as IRAs, individual accounts, etc.

You could benefit from financial advice on one or more employee sponsored 401(k) plans.

You are a business owner, or have a household income higher than $150,000.

You have multiple sources of current or future retirement income such as: Social Security income; IRA/Investment Income; Pension Income; Business Income; Rental Property Income

You have personal insurance policies that need to be reviewed.

You have a deferred compensation plan or other unique pension concerns.

You want to build a framework for future financial decisions.

Your comprehensive financial plan would typically include the following:

  • Cash flow management
  • Debt management
  • Life, health, long term care, disability, and umbrella insurance review
  • Investing
  • Developing an asset allocation plan
  • Retirement planning
  • Income tax planning
  • Estate planning

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